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Podiatry services are all about treating foot disorders. There are 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles and tendons in an individual’s foot. They are the body parts that help us to move from here to there. Yet they go through the daily abuse without any care. Almost everybody wears shoes for more than 6 hours on a daily basis. Hidden troubles sneak up on you with these shoes and go unnoticed. The athletes especially face such issues regularly.

Some examples of common foot disorders are as follows:

Walking, running, or jumping everything counts. The amount of pressure our feet are exposed to is unimaginable. Once the capacity exceeds, we start facing problems. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve got you covered on that front. In addition to Orthopedics, a team of diabetologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists are on the panel.

Moreover, before treatment of any condition in medical science, understanding it is necessary. Following are some of the symptoms which might come in handy to recognize the issue.

  • Arthritis

In addition to pain, swelling is also experienced in a joint or multiple joints. Furthermore, the patient may discover stiffness and reduced range of movement, and joint deformity.

  • Uric Acid Crystals

The skin starts appearing to be shiny as well as red where the uric acid crystals are formed. Likewise, there is pain and stiffness as well at that point.

  • Skin, nail, and soft tissue conditions

Circles of thick skin start appearing on the skin. Furthermore, if the condition develops, the puss also gets filled. 

In another condition thickened and rough regions develop around the ball of the feet. In addition to that, it starts getting yellowish in colour after a period of time.

 Our mission is to provide high-quality services under one roof. The services provided have been listed as follows:

  • Safe and effective laser treatment.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological assistance for athletes.
  • Advice on proper footwear and foot care.
  • Customised shoe padding to redistribute the pressure.
  • Permanent shoe orthoses to provide relief in the long term.
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General Questions

We have answered a few general questions asked to us regarding appointment booking. Go through it before you have any doubts!

Diagnose foot problems like skin and nail diseases, congenital (at-birth) deformities, tumors, and ulcers. Treat conditions like corns, arch problems, heel spurs, shortened tendons, bone disorders, and cysts. Make flexible casts to carry steady foot and ankle injuries like sprains or fractures.

You feel sharp or hot pain from the heel once you get up after rest. You’ve got difficulty or discomfort once you put your foot down. Pain – even intermittent pain – that goes on relatively every week. Discoloration of the skin of 1 or both feet.

Even if you walk or limp through the pain of an ankle sprain, you ought to still see a podiatrist for treatment. The professional will be able to help you better and treat any more underlying condition.

Podiatrists are doctors, but they do not attend the traditional school of medicine. They need their own schools and professional associations. They even have “DPM” (doctor of podiatric medicine) after their names rather than “MD” (medical doctor).

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