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At Health Connect Poly Clinic, our dedicated general practitioners specialize in general medicine, ensuring that you and your family receive continuous medical care tailored to your unique needs at every stage of life. As your first point of contact, our general practitioners are readily available to provide the best possible care. Whether it’s addressing minor/acute ailments, managing routine illnesses, or offering support for chronic conditions, our team is committed to your overall well-being. Your health is our priority, and we take pride in delivering comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services in the field of general medicine.

Our General Medicine Service Includes:

Treatment and Diagnosis

Treatment and Diagnosis

A doctor’s consultation will help identify and recognise your symptoms and chief complaints. They then examine your general well-being to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan that is suited for your condition. Sometimes, the need of laboratory checks such as blood work-up, swabs and medication administration is done to treat acute events.

Acute and chronic condition management

Acute & chronic condition management

Our general practitioners are well equipped and knowledgeable to attend acute and chronic cases. Some acute cases are like Respiratory Tract Infections, Infections of Skins, Fevers, Allergic Rhinitis and so on. They require immediate attention to help you get standing on your feet. Talk to our doctors too about your chronic diagnoses such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid Related Illness, Cholesterols, Asthma and others. Our doctors are able to look into your cases in detail and advise accordingly.

Comprehensive Medical and health examinations

Comprehensive Medical and health examinations

Our General Practitioner are skilled to conduct and examine patients, prescribe the needful and give you the go-ahead. Examinations are done in through manner to help identify your medical condition needs.

Wellness Check-ups and Lab Investigations

Wellness Check-ups and Lab Investigations

Apart from diagnosing patients with medical conditions. It is necessary to perform annual wellness check-ups and lab investigations. Our doctors will advise each person accordingly on what is needed once they explore your lifestyles and needs. Wellness check-ups are necessary to identify and if necessary, correct them beforehand diagnosing a particular disease.

Medication prescription

Medication prescription

We do understand that some of the community members are being diagnosed with certain medical illnesses that will require long term prescriptions. Talk to our doctors today, so they can understand your needs and prescribe the necessary medications for your overall treatment plan.

Family-oriented care

Family-oriented care

We take family health care seriously, as we know everyone in your family deserves the best care. Key components of family-centred practice include engaging with family members, working with the family to set up goals and providing individualized care and treatment required.
General Medicine in Dubai

General Questions

We have answered a few general questions asked to us regarding appointment booking. Go through it before you have any doubts!

General Practitioners takes care of all aspects of your health care – physical, emotional and mental. They listen to your questions, assess symptoms, recommend treatment approaches, prescribe medication and refer you to the proper specialist when needed.

Your age, gender and family history all play an important part in deciding which annual screenings you should have. Be sure that you have access to your medical history, and let our general practitioners know if certain diseases run in your family and they can advise you from there.

Do give us a call to check on your coverage of insurance. We will advise you accordingly and take it from there. Subsequently, you can check our insurance page and see if your insurance is covered.  

  1. Be open and honest with your physician regarding what’s going on with your health. Don’t hold back if something is bothering you. Here are some tips to talk to your GP’s:

-Are you experiencing painful or uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with your daily life? 

-Is a medication you’re taking making you feel sick?

-Do you need help with making healthy decisions or lifestyle choices?


All of these factors can impact your health.

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